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Unpublished Tracks

My Soul Faints (Psalm 119 to Comfort, Comfort Now My People)
Unmoved Shall Endure (Psalm 125)
Refuge Safe (Psalm 91)
O Lord, Be Gracious to Me (Psalm 31)
Yet Evermore (Psalm 73 to And So It Goes)

This track does not appear on the Anatomy of the Soul album or sheet music book because licensing permission is still pending.

Album Tracks

I Call You, Lord (Psalm 141)
Lord, Listen to My Prayer (Psalm 143)
How Long, Lord? (Psalm 89)
Shout to God (Psalm 66 to Calon Lân)
Surely I Have Toiled in Vain (Psalm 73)
Glad Hallelujahs (Psalm 104)
Do Not Forsake Me in Old Age (Psalm 71)
When I Wake (Psalm 17)
Enter His Dwelling (Psalm 132)
O Thank the Lord (Psalm 105)
Not unto Us, Lord (Psalm 115 to Non Nobis, Domine)
Your Word’s a Lamp (Psalm 119)
Melody for the King (Psalm 45 to The Wall)
With All My Heart (Psalm 138)
Bow of Bronze (Psalm 18)
My God, Do Not Delay! (Psalm 40)
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